Dadasi Dinner Plate

Diameter 10.5" | Height 1.5" | Weight 1.8 lbs

Our signature Dadasi Dinner Plate is our bold and organic take on the classic and timeless dinner plate. An artistic ceramic shape with a large face and with a wide base with a deep lip to create dimension and keep liquids and food inside inside the plate. Kiln-fired for durability, delicacy, and insulation‚ for both ice cold and steaming hot entrees. Pair with our La Marsa Pitchers or Dadasi Pinch Bowls for the perfect match.

All products in our Dadasi Collection are not perfectly round and geometrical, but are organically shaped.

All glazes are not identical and variation is expected as a result of the process in the kiln. 

Lead Free | Microwave Safe | Dishwasher Safe

Set of

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